The Second 365

The Last Day

September 3, 2012 Joy Crump 3

Okay, you know how you tell yourself (or maybe you announce to everyone you know) that you’re going to write a huge, important novel.  Or maybe you’re going to build an addition onto your house.  Or take a picture of the sunrise every single day for a year and make a fl …

Day 62: It’s Raining Microgreens.

July 21, 2012 Beth Black 0

Mere Dog tripped.  Somehow, while that poor girl was having what she called an “epic fail fall”, one half of a pig and fig flatbread ended up on the roof of the building.  She was able to get the flatbread.  However, the microgreens that were on top of the pig …

Day 61: The New Girl.

July 21, 2012 Beth Black 0

I love the FOX show “The New Girl.” I love how quirky and cool and awesome the lead character is. Right Wing Annie is our New Girl. I told her she was the missing link to the management staff.  She, too, is quirky and cool and awesome. And just like in the show, …

Day 60: The Drama Is Over.

July 21, 2012 Beth Black 0

The POS system is back. Actually, it’s a brand new system – like I told you about in Day 59, our original system died. In the middle of service. On a Saturday night. With a lot of credit card info stuck in it. And it was just payday, so cash flow was LOW. Okay, en …

Day 59: Did That Really Just Happen?!?!

July 16, 2012 Beth Black 3

You know, I’d like to think things couldn’t get any worse – but I’m sure they can and if I say that, I’m probably setting myself up for some other disaster.  But Dear Lord, that was a terrible, terrible, weekend.   First, we find out Friday morning that th …

Day 58: Amazing Life Moment

July 12, 2012 Beth Black 2

Amazing life moment: An even better moment: Joy’s heartfelt, tearful, proud reaction. I’m so proud of you Joyful.  And I’m so proud of you team.

Day 57: Considered Yourself Warned.

July 11, 2012 Beth Black 2

Attention all college students who work for FOODE: I AM going to friend your mother on facebook. I’m going to figure out what your Mom’s full name is, and once I have it, I’m going to friend request her. I just got one mom … and I managed to get anothe …

Day 55: You Have To Be Tough As S**t To Work At FOODE

July 8, 2012 Beth Black 1

Here’s the thing about being a small business owner: you come across surprises every single day.  Whether a shipment of food didn’t come in, a person sends back their plate because they don’t like the food (and we thought the plate was perfect), we’ve run out of penn …

Day 53: My First (And Probably Last) Trip Down The Rappahannock

July 3, 2012 Beth Black 0

So, Joy and I finally dusted off the kayaks on our day off and headed down the Rappahannock.  We put in at Motts Reservoir, and planned a beautiful trip that would end around the VOC.  We were told the trip takes about 60 minutes.  Excellent. But, like everything else, ou …

Day 52: Dry Chicken And A Blown Catering Gig.

July 3, 2012 Beth Black 3

We pride ourselves on taking care of people.  We pride ourselves with providing them excellent food within their budget – and we’ll go out of our way to make it happen. But we let down a client recently.  It was unintentional of course – but that’s i …